Advice for coping with school-life

A growth condition can impact every element of life, from home to work and school.


It is easy to think of a growth condition as simply affecting height, but it is about so much more than that – it’s about health. A growth condition can impact every element of life, from home to work and school. If you or your child is living with a growth condition, then school may feel challenging, and you may be struggling to cope with school-life.

School self-help strategies

Does the school know about the growth condition?

Most schools have a ‘medical conditions policy’ meaning that there will be extra support available. Schools can also provide ‘learning support’ for any learning, social, emotional or mental health difficulties. These support structures will help on a day-to-day basis in the classroom, as well as during exams. If you are looking for any more information about official support policies, you can check your government website.

Kylie’s view

‘Having extra time whilst taking exams gave me confidence to read through the instructions and follow them correctly without panicking. I am sure it helped me pass my exams.’

Is it taking longer to process what the teacher is saying?

Or longer to finish work than other children? This is known as ‘processing speed’ and is not related to intelligence.

  • Try writing down what the teacher is asking, this can help to break tasks down into manageable steps.
  • Ask for printed notes you can pre-read, but still take your own notes in class; writing down new information helps you to remember it.
  • Practice your handwriting, so you become quicker.
  • Review class notes every night, even a quick glance will help pick out missing information.
  • Focus attention on questions one at a time.
  • Use sticky notes or highlighters in active revision.

Susie’s view

‘Something that helped me was a Dictaphone. When preparing for an essay, I used to say what I wanted to write into the Dictaphone and then refer to it when I was writing the essay.’

Are any day-to-day elements of the classroom difficult?

There is so much pressure to look a certain way and that pressure may seem intense.

Living with a growth condition is already challenging; however, you have made the first step in addressing this by reading this article. Try the following website if you or your child is suffering from anxiety or low mood:
If you are experiencing any bullying, please tell a parent or teacher.

Every growth condition comes with its own challenges and there is no quick fix to making school more manageable. However, we hope that this article has given you some extra confidence to speak with your teachers and make small changes that may help in the long run.

Get prepared for talking to your doctor

If you are concerned about your child’s growth, don’t hesitate to speak with an HCP. They will be able to complete some measurements and investigate further if needed, potentially referring you on to a specialist. Here we can help you plan for both conversations.

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