Charlottes’ story

Living with Turner Syndrome

When I grow up…

Listen to 11-year old Charlotte as she talks about her future, dream job and best friends.

Diagnosed with Turner syndrome from an early age, Charlotte has always been aware of her condition and is managing it well, thanks to her supportive parents. Meet her younger wild brother Henry and older sister Hannah in their home and see what life is like for them as a family, when one member is living with a growth disorder.

Turner syndrome is a rare genetic disorder affecting only 1–2 in every 4,000 women. Usually, a female is born with two X chromosomes however with Turner syndrome, a person can be born with either a completely missing or partially missing second X chromosome. Turner syndrome is typically not known until adolescence as it affects growth and delays puberty, you can learn more about the growth disorder here.

Despite being a young age, Charlotte knows exactly what she wants to be when she grows up and there’s nothing that can stop her. You can watch her inspiring story below.

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