An introduction to the International Coalition of Organizations Supporting Endocrine Patients (ICOSEP)

Here you will find a short interview featuring ICOSEP’s CEO Jamie Harvey and Executive Director Ashley Gilmore explaining how the organisation started and their ultimate goal of diagnosing children with a growth disorder quicker.

ICOSEP is an international charity dedicated to supporting patients with growth disorders. Members of the charity include parents and medical societies from 75 different countries including the UK, Germany and Spain; all working together to help children with health issues that affect their physical growth. This can be a number of growth disorders including Turner syndrome, skeletal dysplasia’s and more.

The purpose of ICOSEP is to unite people around the world with the goal of reducing the amount of time it takes for a child showing signs of a growth disorder to be diagnosed. Their mission statement is clear, in children Good Growth = Good Health and they share this message worldwide.

You can find more information about ICOSEP on their website which you can visit here, as well as learn more about patient organisations from countries around the world here.

ICOSEP is also the driving force behind the International Growth Awareness Day, which is on the 20th September every year and aims to raise awareness about the importance of tracking a child’s growth rates. The common misconception viewed amongst most is that growth irregularities are just a cosmetic issue whereas it’s in fact an early warning sign of what could be a potential serious medical condition

To support this cause and help raise awareness, we produce campaigns each year on the 20th September (International Growth Awareness Day) to inform parents, that using our growth calculator can help them keep track of their child’s growth and prevent a late diagnosis. View more here Growth Awareness Day – | More Than Height .

Keeping track of your child’s growth rate can help identify if there is any cause for concern. Use our online growth calculator to compare your child’s measurements to the national average and see if they are within a healthy range.

Calculate your child’s growth

It is important to keep track of your child’s growth in order to identify if there is a problem early on. We recommend measuring your child every 6 months, which is now easier with our simple to use growth calculator.